Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB)

The Perfect Solution to All Your Commercial Building structures

The pre-engineered building industry is expanding quickly around the world, leaving its mark on construction projects in a variety of manufacturing-related fields. Pre-engineered buildings are created in a quality-controlled manufacturing environment with pre-designed features. At this point, each task is carried out using complex technologies, such as the deployment of cutting-edge welding methods and component standardisation. These processes make mass production easier.

The cost-effectiveness of the material, speed of production, and aesthetic appeal of the finishing are the three most appreciable benefits of using a pre-engineered steel building. Being prepared to invest in a pre-engineered structure for your company's needs is thus undoubtedly one of the wisest decisions a corporation can make. A wide range of structural applications such as auditorium, factories, Theatre complexes etc. can be accommodated by pre-engineered steel buildings.

Applications of PEB:


Being a leading manufacturer of prefabricated warehouse from Kerala Ever roof has come up with a wide range of products that include Warehouse PEB Structure and Prefabricated Warehouse Sheds. You can be assured that the products we are offering have been made using the highest-grade raw material. All these items are very durable and efficient. We are providing them at a market leading price.


Ever roof is the leading manufacturer of prefabricated factory shed, industrial PEB structure and prefabricated shed from Kerala. For the construction of new and contemporary industrial building structures, such as industrial sheds, manufacturing plants, warehousing facilities, and commercial buildings, PEB system is used. The use of PEB Systems is thought to be very cost-effective.


Ever roof provide our esteemed clients a superb selection of prefabricated auditorium structure and materials. This has a great degree of visual appeal and is exquisitely designed. This product line stands out from others on the market thanks to qualities like vivid look, smooth edges, and glossy finish. Our supplied collection, which is made from premium-quality raw materials and is designed and made by creative experts, is the gold standard for detailed and spectacular workmanship. Additionally, this can be successfully modified to meet the needs of the client.

Offices, Hospitals, Hostel Buildings

Matching up with ever increasing requirement of the customers, Everroof is engaged in providing prefabricated structure for offices, Hospitals and hostels. When more people joining the workforce each year, the need for workspace is constantly rising. It takes a lot of time, money, and work to construct a permanent office. But if there is a need for more room, it must be constructed. Since they've been around for a while, portable offices have served a variety of sectors. It is especially well-liked in industries where employees must frequently relocate. Such organisations consistently cling to their decision to use temporary and prefabricated site offices rather than construct permanent ones. The explanation is obvious. They save time, and it turns out to be inexpensive. The fastest-growing building technology today is prefabrication, which is sweeping the globe. Prefabrication is also being widely used in the healthcare sector. It features a unique design that was created in accordance with client requirements. For hospitals and the healthcare sector, Ever Roof offers a wide range of additional modular units. Ever roof creates comprehensive educational facilities that can be used as independent units or extensions, permanent or temporary constructions, and for a variety of age groups and purposes. We guarantee their excellent cost-effectiveness, ease of use, reusability, and use of premium materials and the structure is changeable quickly to adapt different conditions of the surroundings.


Prefabricated Showrooms from Ever Roof are the most practical choice for your on-site needs. Prefabricated Showrooms are the best option for structures that are frequently used in different places. Our Prefabricated Showroom are designed and developed in accordance with standard ISO requirements and conditions for end use, upholding the highest levels of structural stability, earthquake proofness, weather proofness, leak-proofness, and faultless operation in the face of extreme climatic conditions.

Shopping mall

We are pleased to promote ourselves as a reputable producer and supplier of PEB structures for shopping centres. The steel structure house that is being offered has been specifically created and manufactured to speed up building development. Superior grade steel alloy, obtained from the market's most reliable suppliers, is used to construct the steel structure home we provide. The steel frame for the shopping mall is given at a very competitive price.

Residential Villas

To replace sand cement in the construction of highly efficient, long-lasting, thermally, and acoustically insulated residential units, we present a premier product. Everyone who visits a residential construction is concerned about safety. Ever roof pre-engineered framework guarantees the safe conditions. The biggest factor holding back the use of PEB in residential building construction is the uncertainty around safety. However, you can rest assured that the quality of every one of our PEB products, whether they are used for residential or commercial building, has been established.

Multi-Level Car Parks

We manufacture a variety of barriers and systems of the highest quality, including the Multilevel Parking System. Premium quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing of these multi-level parking systems, guaranteeing improved quality and dependability. Depending on the needs of the clients, our Multilevel Parking Systems are offered in a variety of designs, sizes, and grades.

Multi- storey building

Select prefabricated multi-story structures from the best manufactures and suppliers in the Kerala. Ever Roof, a top producer of prefabricated multi-story structures, provides you with buildings that have been painstakingly developed and constructed. For any kind of prefabricated multi-story structures in India, you can contact us. In the shortest amount of time possible, we would design, produce, and assemble the structure in accordance with your specifications.