Z Purlins

Since the inception, we are specialized in manufacturing and supplying the best in quality C & Z Purlins. We have installed the fully automatic purlin machine to manufacture Z purlins and C purlins Manufacturers of the required dimensions, tailor-made as per clients’ specification. Keeping mind the clients’ specifications, we fabricate products with sturdiness and quality. Our range of purlin finds its extensive usage in constructing various industrial and commercial sectors. The features and specification of purlin has mentioned below the purlin materials with a light weight confer to an effective and faster construction work. The C purlins are worth mentioning in this regard as they provide the best resistivity against rust and cannot be degraded with much ease. The C purlins are used for the framing of exterior portions of the wall. It is their alluring look for which they are being used as wall posts on large scale.

A purlin, also known as a horizontal bar or beam, is a strong structural support used mostly in roofs of structures. They are supported by the rafters or the building's walls. As a leading prefabricated structure supplier in Kerala, we can guide you about the various types of purlins. There are many different types of purlins on the market. They are broken down into different groups based on the material they are constructed of. Purlins come in a variety of sorts; thus, they can be used for a variety of things, such supporting walls or floors. In a nutshell, a purlin is one of the most crucial building materials.