Pre Engineered Buildings

Pre-engineered buildings have become the choice of steel construction in industrial and commercial sectors. Prefabricated buildings are more stable than non-residential single-store structures and can be used for a variety of purposes, from modest vehicle parking shelters to large clear span aircraft barns to low-rise multi-store buildings. It is widely used in industrial sheds, factory buildings, showrooms, halls or auditoriums, warehouses, supermarkets, metro stations, aircraft hangars, offices, schools, shopping malls, hospitals and many more. PEBs are replacing conventional brick-cement construction for faster and better execution of the projects. As compared to conventional construction, PEB takes one-third time in setting up and costs much less. At the same time, it offers far more flexibility in terms of design and construction with options open for multi-storey construction, extensions, dismantling and relocation, etc.

Pre-Engineered building helps for a quick structural construction and hence it has been chosen over conventional buildings for industrial construction. Below shows the advantageous of PEB in steel that EVER ROOF offers:

Total Customization:

We have a unique design team at EVER ROOF that supports ongoing innovation. Every project has a unique design that we adapt to our clients' requirements. Our design team ensures the highest levels of safety and aesthetic appeal throughout the engineering, manufacturing, and construction processes.


We go out of our way to ensure on-time deliveries while maintaining high standards of quality. The EVER ROOF team is made up of highly experienced and skilled production engineers, supervisors, quality engineers, and even shop floor workers that work as a cohesive unit to produce output of excellent quality


Through EVER ROOF’s extensive vendor network, buildings may easily be lengthened by adding additional bays. By designing from the beginning, it is also possible to expand in height and width.

Value For money

We are driven to innovate while also creating custom-made constructions for our clients. We keep the costs of our initiatives low and affordable.


We are most notable for our boldness in moving forward with objectives without haggling over standards.


EVER ROOF offers a single source for the design, production, and delivery of all necessary building materials, making coordination easier.


Safer and intact dispatches are guaranteed by a committed logistic crew.